RWBY brings four very different girls together for one legendary purpose. These four fighters will come face-to-face with menacing creatures, devious villains, and an incredible cast of characters.

The plot is centered around the four members of Team RWBY – Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long. The series follows their meeting and training at Beacon Academy, a prestigious school for training Huntsmen and Huntresses, warriors who defend the world from evil.

Along the way, they make many friends and allies, including fellow students Team JNPR, Sun Wukong and Penny Polendina, and foil the plots of villains, such as Roman Torchwick, Cinder Fall and the terrorist group the White Fang.

However, as the series continues, Team RWBY must confront their own demons: Weiss must reconcile her legacy as heiress of the Schnee Dust Company with her own personal convictions, Blake remains haunted by her past as a member of the White Fang, and Yang searches tirelessly for her mother, who mysteriously disappeared when she was a child.

RWBY Volume1 Japanese dub Trailer

English : RWBY
Pronounced :Ruby
Type : TV
Episodes : 16 (Season 1), SEASON 2-3 COMING SOON
Created : Monty Oum
Written :
Miles Luna, Kerry Shawcross, Monty Oum
Executive producer : Matt Hullum, Burnie Burns
Production company :
Rooster Teeth Productions
Theme music composer :
Jeff Williams
Genres : Action, Adventure, Comedy-drama, Science-fantasy, Anime
Video : 720p 
Audio : Dual Audio (English & Japanese)
Subtitle : No Subtitle
Duration : 4–17 min. per episode (Season 1), SEASON 2-3 COMING SOON

List :
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★Episode 01 :
Ruby Rose

The episode begins by explaining that humankind was formed from the dust of creation, a byproduct of a time long past and forgotten. Not long after, mythical creatures of darkness referred to as the Grimm appeared and were intent on destroying Humanity and all it had made.

However, with man displaying ingenuity, resourcefulness, and passion, they found a powerful substance that granted the user the power of "Nature's Wrath", and appropriately named this spark of hope "Dust", after that which they themselves were born from. The use of Dust helped to drive off the creatures of darkness and secured the continued existence of Humanity.

That said, it's also true that even the most brilliant of lights eventually fade, and the dark will eventually return to finish what it started and destroy Human civilization; furthermore, if Humanity relies on strength or Dust alone, then it will not be enough to defeat the Grimm a second time. Instead, it's believed that victory will come from something that is long forgotten: a "smaller, more honest soul".

In the present day, a group of henchmen are seen walking down an alley led by a cigar-smoking "gentleman", named Roman Torchwick. The group makes their way to a Dust shop called "From Dust Till Dawn" and they proceed to rob the store. However, one of them spots Ruby Rose, who is oblivious to the robbery, due to her headphones blaring "This Will Be the Day" while she reads a weapons magazine, and makes the ill-advised decision of attempting to mug her.

Now aware of the robbery in progress, Ruby proceeds to easily defeat Roman's henchmen with her High-Caliber Sniper-Scythe, Crescent Rose. With his men defeated, Roman decides to make a retreat, with Ruby giving chase to a rooftop. Once there, Roman makes it onto a Bullhead and attempts to kill Ruby by exploding a Dust crystal at her feet using Melodic Cudgel. Luckily, Ruby is saved by the timely arrival of the Huntress, Glynda Goodwitch, who proceeds to engage in a ranged battle with Roman's accomplice, Cinder Fall. Though both combatants use an impressive array of attacks and defenses, the fight ends in a draw with Roman and his partner getting away. Extremely impressed by Glynda's powers, Ruby asks for her autograph.

Contrary to what she was expecting, Ruby is brought into an interrogation room by Glynda, who explains that Ruby's actions that night were reckless, ill-advised, and put both herself and others at risk. According to Glynda, Ruby should be sent home with "a pat on the back and a slap on the wrist", emphasizing the latter by smacking the table near Ruby's wrist with her crop. However, there is someone who wants to talk to her: Ozpin, who notes Ruby's silver eyes almost instantly upon meeting her.

Ozpin questions Ruby on where she learned to wield her HCSS, which he describes as one of the most dangerous weapons ever designed. According to Ruby, she learned how to wield it at Signal Academy from her Uncle Qrow Branwen, commenting that she was complete "garbage" before he took her under his wing. Now she's a real fighter, a scythe-wielder on par with her uncle, and her dream is to become a Huntress. Ruby has only two more years left at Signal Academy before she can apply for Beacon Academy, where Ozpin is headmaster. However, seeing her fighting abilities and passion for becoming a Huntress, Ozpin offers her a chance to join in the freshman class early, which Ruby gladly accepts.

Later, on the airship to the academy, Ruby's big sister Yang Xiao Long is piling extensive compliments onto Ruby. However, Ruby doesn't want anyone to treat her like she's special just because she moved up two years in advance, wanting only to be a normal girl. The pair overhear a news report about the robbery Ruby foiled, as well as a Faunus Civil Rights Protest that was broken up by the once-peaceful organization, the White Fang.

The news broadcast is interrupted by Glynda, who explains to the arriving freshmen that their world is currently in a state of peace, and as future Huntsmen and Huntresses, it's their job to keep it that way. All the students there have already demonstrated the courage and ability necessary to become Huntsmen and Huntresses, and now it's their turn to mold that potential via training and knowledge.

As the airship flies over the city, the students see both Signal Academy and Beacon Academy, Yang calling the latter their new home. Unfortunately, the moment is interrupted by Jaune Arc vomiting on Yang's shoes.


★Episode 02 :
The Shining Beacon Part1

The airship lands at Beacon Academy, and the students of Beacon quickly leave the ship. Jaune Arc empties his uneasy stomach at a nearby garbage bin, while Ruby Rose and Yang Xiao Long gaze at the sight of Beacon Academy in awe.

Ruby is initially overwhelmed at the sight of many weapons owned by the other students. When inquired by Yang about her obsession with weapons and whether she was happy with her Crescent Rose, Ruby explains that each weapon is different from one another, like their owners, and seeing each one is like meeting a new person - only way better.

Yang encourages Ruby to find some new friends, but Ruby is uninterested, as she has Yang to hang out with. With this, Yang reveals that she has already made some new friends of her own, and rushes inside the academy to hang out with them. Left stunned and dizzy by Yang's exit, Ruby falls on a trolley carrying luggage owned by Weiss Schnee.

Weiss scolds Ruby on her carelessness, explaining that the content of her luggage is Dust; more importantly, Ruby could have blown them both to bits. She also points out that Ruby is too young to attend the academy, continuing to criticize her by stating that Beacon is a school to train Huntsmen to hunt and kill Grimm, and not just an "average" combat school intended for sparring and practice, like Signal Academy.

After checking on the vials in one of her suitcases, Weiss grabs a vial of red Dust and slams the case shut, causing plumes of blue and yellow Dust to come billowing out of it. Unfortunately, while she waves the vial in Ruby's face, a large amount of the Dust leaks out. Ruby breathes some in and sneezes, quite explosively, on Weiss, and the red Dust's fiery explosion sets off the blue and yellow Dust, creating ice crystals and arcs of lightning. The vial Weiss was holding flies through the air and rolls over to Blake Belladonna, distracting her from the book she's reading.

Noticing the Schnee snowflake symbol on the vial, Blake looks toward the source of the vial and spots the pair. In response to Ruby calling Weiss "princess", Blake explains that Weiss is actually the heiress of the Schnee Dust Company, which is famous for providing the bulk of the world's Dust supply. Ignoring Weiss' smug look, she notes that the company is also infamous for its controversial labor forces and questionable business partners. This latter point leaves Weiss stunned and angry and causes her to leave in a storm, leaving her servants to pick up her luggage, while Ruby shouts to Weiss that she'll find a way to make it up to her later. She then attempts to thank Blake for defending her, only to see her walk off too.

Disappointed by how badly her first day is going, Ruby lays down on the ground to think for a moment. Luckily, she finally befriends Jaune, whom Ruby identifies as "Vomit boy". The pair immediately hit it off, Ruby introducing her Crescent Rose and explaining that she "went overboard in designing it" at Signal. Embarrassed upon seeing the advanced weapon, Jaune awkwardly introduces his weapon, Crocea Mors, which is a simple sword, a family heirloom, being held inside a shield and sheath combination. The pair realize that they are lost, having believed that the other knew where they were going and followed suit.


★Episode 03 :
The Shining Beacon Part2

After experiencing trouble in finding their bearings, Ruby Rose and Jaune Arc finally locate Beacon Academy's main hall, where all of the other new students are waiting. Yang Xiao Long, who is already among the crowd, calls Ruby over, stating that she has saved a spot for her. Ruby leaves to go join her sister, much to the chagrin of Jaune, who complains as he is left alone once again. However, another student, Pyrrha Nikos, silently takes an interest in him.

Ruby angrily recounts her earlier encounter with Weiss Schnee to Yang stating that after Yang left her alone she literally blew up, oblivious to the fact that a scowling Weiss heard everything. Weiss scolds Ruby once more about the incident before giving her a pamphlet called "DUST for Dummies and other Inadequate Individuals" about how to properly handle and use Dust. Ruby tries to make amends by trying to reintroduce herself to Weiss, but Weiss sarcastically scoffs at her offer and insults Jaune at the same time. However, Jaune seems oblivious to her sarcasm.

Ozpin steps onto the stage and gives his welcoming speech which, though short, was rather blunt. He reminds the new students that they have come to Beacon to apply their talents and seek knowledge, and that when they graduate, they would devote their time to protecting the world. He also notes that they lack experience, and that they need to take the initiative to seek knowledge at Beacon. Ruby and Yang note that something seemed off about Ozpin, like he wasn't even there. After the speech, Glynda Goodwitch instructs the students to gather in the ballroom and prepare for tomorrow's initiation.

Later, after everyone is ready for bed, Yang is shown to be excited about the "sleep over" with the rest of the students. Ruby, however, notes that their father wouldn't be excited about all the boys in attendance, but Yang replies, with a purr, that she certainly is. As everyone is about to sleep, Ruby is writing a letter to her former classmates from Signal Academy about her experiences at Beacon.

She also talks to Yang about how hard it is to make friends at Beacon, pointing out that she made a friend and a "negative friend", totaling to zero friends. Yang, however, clarifies that she has simply made a friend and an enemy. She also reminds Ruby that it's only been one day.

Soon, the two sisters notice Blake Belladonna light some candles, so she can read her book. Hoping that they can be friends, Yang forcibly drags Ruby over to her. Blake simply wishes to read her book and be left alone, but Ruby is able to make a connection with her when she states that she likes reading as well, stating that the stories Yang used to read to her are part of the reason she wants to be a Huntress.

Although a bit astounded by Ruby's ambition, Blake reminds Ruby that the real world is not a fairy tale that ends in "happily ever after". Ruby responds by stating that part of their job is to make it that way, and Yang, overjoyed at Ruby's goals, hugs her tight. However, Ruby, finding her too clingy, punches her sister in the jaw, leading the two to break out into a full-on cat fight.

Weiss walks in on the commotion to complain that they're being too loud while everyone else is trying to sleep, before realizing that it was Yang and Ruby she was talking to. When questioned by Yang on what she has against Ruby, she claims that Ruby is hazardous to her health, ending the episode as Blake blows out the candles.


★Episode 04 :
The First Step Part1

Lie Ren wakes up to his long-time friend, Nora Valkyrie talking about how excited she is for the Beacon Academy Initiation. He then endures the rest of his morning ritual listening to her while brushing his teeth, eating his pancake breakfast, packing up his sleeping bag and retrieving StormFlower from his locker. In the locker room, Nora expresses hope that the two of them will be on the same team and attempts to formulate a plan to make sure that they will.

Meanwhile, Ruby Rose wonders about the pair's conversation, while Yang Xiao Long changes the subject by stressing how important it is to socialize with other people to grow up. While this reminds Ruby of her father's constant lectures, Ruby states that socializing is not as important as fighting, and that she is independent and doesn't need help growing up because she drinks milk. However, when Yang asks about the rumor of forming teams, Ruby nervously hopes to be with Yang. Unfortunately for Ruby, Yang wishes Ruby would choose another partner, in the hopes of her opening up to other people, which makes Ruby feel as if Yang does not want to be on the same team as her.

Jaune Arc walks past the sisters, trying to find his designated locker, while Weiss Schnee talks to Pyrrha Nikos in the hopes of forging a partnership with her. Weiss believes that with her intelligence and Pyrrha's unrivaled strength, they will be at the top of the class and the envy of the other students. Pyrrha, however, wishes for the surprise of a random partner. Soon, Jaune walks in on their conversation, hoping to form a team with Weiss. When Pyrrha states the possibility of a four member team, Jaune suddenly shifts his attention to her and introduces himself.

As he states his intention to form a partnership, Weiss barges in on the conversation stating that such a partnership is impossible as Pyrrha's celebrity status completely dwarfs him. While Jaune is dismayed, Pyrrha says that she thinks he would be a great leader. As Jaune's hopes increase, Weiss feels uncomfortable and asks for Pyrrha's help, and suddenly Pyrrha's weapon pins him to a wall. Soon after, Glynda Goodwitch announces over an intercom that all the first-year students are to report to the Beacon Cliffs for their initiation. As Ruby and Yang help him up, Jaune is dismayed that his confident act didn't work.

Later, on the cliffs, Glynda informs the students that they will be given teammates today, and Ozpin announces that these partnerships will last for the four year duration of their studies at Beacon Academy, stressing the importance of having a partner that they can work well with. He goes on to state that the partners will be decided by the first person a student makes eye contact with after they land in the Emerald Forest.

Since there will be opposition, he advises that the initiates do not hesitate to destroy everything in their path, as the possibility of dying is very real. They will also be discreetly evaluated for their performances during the initiation process, but the instructors will not intervene. The objective is to seek a relic, one per pair of partners, in a temple on the other end of the forest and guard it, along with their standings. They are then to return to the cliff that they are currently standing on with the relic.

Jaune asks Ozpin a few questions, and he soon discovers that everyone will be catapulted and that they have to figure out how to land on their own. While he asks these questions, the initiation begins, with the students being launched one by one. By the time it's Jaune's turn, he is still asking questions, and he is launched into the air screaming, while his classmates easily glide through the air.


★Episode 05 :
The First Step Part2

An overhead view of the Emerald Forest is shown with a large black bird flying high above the trees, before Ruby Rose slams into it. The focus changes to the initiates as they each use their landing strategy, with the exception of Jaune Arc who continues to fall wildly. Ruby is the first to land, using the recoil from Crescent Rose to slow herself before using the blade to spin around a branch and land. Weiss Schnee uses glyphs as platforms.

Lie Ren uses the blades of StormFlower to latch onto a tree trunk and spiral down the tree until hitting the ground and brushing himself off. A moment later, Yang Xiao Long flies overhead, using Ember Celica to propel her forward, thoroughly enjoying the flight. Pyrrha Nikos uses Akoúo̱ to safely crash through three trees before landing on a branch. She then switches Miló to its rifle form and scans the area for Jaune, before transforming Miló into its javelin form and launching it at him to pin him to a tree.

Meanwhile, Ruby lands on the ground with a thud and begins running through the forest, desperately hoping to find Yang while contemplating other partners based on the people she knows. At first she thinks about Jaune, who is nice and funny, but probably useless in battle. She then considers Blake Belladonna, based on their love of books and because she is calm and mysterious, but she fears that she wouldn't be able to hold a conversation.

While trying to think of who else she knows, she runs into Weiss, making them both partners. Weiss, however, rejects Ruby at first and walks off, running into Jaune, who is trying to unpin himself from the trunk of a tree. Seeing no other option, Weiss returns to Ruby, much to Ruby's delight. Shortly after, Pyrrha arrives to see Jaune hanging from the tree and asks if he has any more spots on his team.

While Weiss wishes to not waste any time in completing their mission, Ruby is eager to create a friendship with her and shows off her speed to convince Weiss that she would be a good teammate and isn't useless. Weiss herself is surprised by Ruby's speed, wondering how she got to one spot so quickly. As Ruby runs off in excitement, Weiss is left alone. At first, Weiss maintains her annoyed attitude, but she quickly becomes nervous as she hears rustling in the bushes around her. She calls Ruby's name, and a low growl is heard, turning Weiss' nervousness into fear. She soon notices multiple pairs of glowing red eyes around her, and when a Beowolf comes out into the open, she calls out to Ruby.


★Episode 06 :
The Emerald Forest Part1

As Yang Xiao Long walks through the Emerald Forest in search of a partner, she encounters two Ursai. After a short encounter, she destroys one with Ember Celica for cutting off a strand of her hair during the conflict. She prepares to fight the other, but Blake Belladonna kills it from behind using Gambol Shroud. They look each other in the eye, cementing their status as partners, as Yang muses she was more than capable of killing the second Ursa.

Meanwhile, Weiss Schnee internally walks herself through the steps of her fencing training, whilst surrounded by Beowolves. She rotates Myrtenaster's revolver and poses to strike. However, just as she begins to attack, Ruby Rose strikes the Beowolf Weiss is aiming for, forcing Weiss to redirect her strike and send fire toward a nearby tree with her attack. Ruby, distracted by the fire, is knocked backward into Weiss by the Beowolf. They contemplate an opportunity to attack, but Weiss forces a retreat, having accidentally started a forest fire.

The two get into an argument, with Ruby protesting that she is independently capable of fighting the Beowolves alone, and Weiss berating her childlike and impulsive nature, stating that if she had warned her about what she was going to do, they wouldn't be running away from a burning forest. As Weiss stomps off, Ruby takes her anger out on a tree with Crescent Rose and follows her. Behind them, a giant feather slowly drifts to the ground beside the fallen tree.

Elsewhere, Jaune Arc and Pyrrha Nikos hear the sound of gunfire, and Jaune gets a scratch on his face after Pyrrha accidentally hits him with a branch. Pyrrha asks Jaune why he didn't activate his Aura, to which he reveals that he's not familiar with the concept. Pyrrha explains that Aura is the manifestation of one's soul, created from the understanding of both light and darkness in every being, and can be used by any living being.

The Grimm are the one exception, as they lack souls, and are instead considered beings of darkness and "manifestations of anonymity". With practice, Aura can be utilized as a shield, and may even be an efficient fighting tool. This concept is displayed when Lie Ren is shown using a combination of his Aura, StormFlower, and martial arts skills to slay a King Taijitu that attacked him.

Pyrrha utilizes her aura to unlock Jaune's, which immediately heals his cut. She seems somewhat drained by the experience, but recovers a few moments later and notes that Jaune has a vast amount of Aura within himself. Meanwhile, after Ren slays the beasts, Nora Valkyrie calls out to him using her "sloth call" before swinging upside-down from a nearby tree. Ren comments that he still isn't convinced that is what a sloth sounds like. Nora merely replies with "Boop" while touching his nose, earning a smile from Ren. Having made eye contact, the two become partners.


★Episode 07 :
The Emerald Forest Part2

At Beacon Cliffs, Glynda Goodwitch informs Ozpin that the last pair, Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie, has been formed. Glynda mentions that she can't really see them getting along very well, but she supposes that they're better off than Pyrrha Nikos. Although Jaune Arc came with an impressive transcript, she doubts his suitability towards combat.

Glynda notes that at their current pace, all the remaining students should reach the temple in a few minutes. She then asks Ozpin what he used as relics this year, but he is absorbed in watching Weiss Schnee and Ruby Rose on his Scroll.

Ruby and Weiss are quite effectively lost, mostly because of their relying on Weiss for directions. The two soon get into an argument, Ruby claiming that Weiss is a know-it-all and thinks she's perfect, to which Weiss retorts that she's not perfect yet, but is still better than Ruby. As Weiss walks away, Ruby remarks sadly that Weiss doesn't even know her.

Meanwhile, Yang Xiao Long and Blake Belladonna have reached the temple, and observe that their goal appears to be chess pieces. Yang notes that quite a few are missing, meaning that they are not the first to get there. Elsewhere, Jaune and Pyrrha have found a cave that Jaune believes to be the temple. Despite Pyrrha's doubt, they keep going until Jaune falls down and his torch is extinguished. Back at the temple, Yang proposes she and Blake take the "cute little pony" chess piece and head back.

In the cave, Jaune finds a glowing object and mistakes it for a relic. When he grabs onto it, Jaune discovers that it is in fact the stinger of a Death Stalker, a large scorpion-like Grimm.

Yang hears Jaune's feminine scream and states that "some girl" is in trouble, but Blake seems to be watching something in the sky. The Death Stalker chases Pyrrha out of its cave with Jaune clinging to its stinger, crying to Pyrrha that it's not the relic. The Grimm then flings Jaune through the air, and Pyrrha runs away. At the temple, Yang is trying to get Blake's attention when she notices that Blake is looking at Ruby, who is falling from the sky.


★Episode 08 :
Players and Pieces

Ruby Rose and Weiss Schnee are hanging onto a large mass of feathers fluttering in the wind, with Weiss berating Ruby on how the chain of events that led up to their current predicament were bad ideas. As the two continue to argue, Ruby suggests jumping, to which Weiss objects. However, she then realizes that Ruby already jumped, resulting in her cursing Ruby. As Ruby falls, Jaune Arc collides with her in midair, and the two of them land in a nearby tree.

Yang Xiao Long and Blake Belladonna are watching everything transpire from the ground. They then notice an Ursa come stumbling out of the forest and collapse on the ground with Nora Valkyrie riding on its back. Lie Ren soon catches up, exhausted. Nora quickly makes her way to the chess pieces and delightfully takes a white rook chess piece before Ren angrily calls her back.

Suddenly, Pyrrha Nikos arrives with the Death Stalker on her tail. Yang explodes with anger, due to all of the commotion. Soon afterward, the group notices Weiss hanging on the claw of a giant Nevermore, and she calls out to Ruby, asking how she could leave her. Soon, she falls from the Grimm, though it's unknown if she let go or lost her grip. In an attempt to gain her favor, Jaune jumps off the tree and catches her, although his plan quickly backfires since he failed to take the rest of the fall into account. This ultimately results in him landing face-first on the ground, and then being used as a landing pad by Weiss right after.

As Pyrrha crash-lands in front of them, Yang sarcastically says now that the entire team has gathered at the location, they can die together. Ruby decides to take out the Death Stalker on her own, but her attacks prove ineffective against its thick armor. Realizing this, she puts Crescent Rose away and flees. As Yang tries to get to her, the Nevermore fires its spear-like feathers at the two, one of which stabs into Ruby's cape, pinning her to the ground.

As the Death Stalker catches up to Ruby, it raises its stinger to strike her. Yang helplessly reaches for Ruby, unable to get to her; however, Weiss speeds past Yang and uses ice Dust to freeze its stinger in place. She criticizes Ruby for being childish, dim-witted, and hyperactive, but she admits that she herself has been difficult as well. Since they must work together to come out of the initiation alive, Weiss promises to be nicer, as long as Ruby stops trying to show off. Ruby counters that she is simply trying to prove herself, receiving an assuring reply from Weiss that she is fine.

The group eventually realizes that they should seize the artifacts and escape to the summit, instead of fighting the Grimm. However, the Death Stalker and the Nevermore give chase, forcing the group to separate into pairs and take cover in the ruins. Nora creates a diversion for the Nevermore while the others run further into the ruins. When the Death Stalker approaches Nora, Blake and Ren hold it off, while Weiss picks Nora up, propelling herself with a glyph.

The eight students run to a bridge, and Ren and Pyrrha both take a few shots at the Death Stalker, before following the others across the bridge. However, as they try to cross, the Nevermore destroys a section of the bridge, separating them into two groups. As Jaune notices Blake, Pyrrha, and Ren struggling against the Death Stalker on their own, he points out to Nora that they need help. The gap in the bridge, however, is far too wide. To assist him, Nora transforms her weapon Magnhild from grenade launcher to hammer and catapults Jaune over the gap by slamming her hammer on the other end of the broken bridge. She then stands on her hammer's head and creates an explosion to launch herself over the gap.

Nora lands a hit on the Death Stalker's head and launches herself backward before it can sting her, accidentally bumping into Blake and knocking her off the bridge. Blake uses Gambol Shroud's chainsickle form to latch onto a piece of the ruins, swinging herself into the air near the Nevermore. She then uses her Semblance, jumping off a clone to get on the Nevermore's head, before running down its back and repeatedly slashing at it. She then jumps off, landing on the ruins next to Ruby and then hopping over to her partner, Yang.

With Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang now standing on the center of the ruins, the Nevermore swoops in for the kill. It is met with a hail of fire from the quartet and their weapons. However, the Nevermore is unaffected by the projectiles and slams into the ruins, which forces the group to move to a higher section. As Ruby comes up with a plan to take out the Nevermore, Jaune, Nora, Pyrrha, and Ren engage the Death Stalker. Jaune and Pyrrha force the Death Stalker's pincers apart, and Ren climbs onto its stinger and begins to shoot it.

When Pyrrha launches Miló into one of its eyes, while the Death Stalker swings its tail and throws Ren onto a nearby wall. Jaune notices the stinger is close to falling off and prompts Pyrrha to sever it, causing the stinger to fall and impale the Death Stalker's head. Jaune then instructs Nora to propel herself off Pyrrha's shield, allowing Nora to smash the stinger further into the Death Stalker's head with her hammer before firing a round into its cranium, which kills the beast. The blast also destroys the rest of their half of the bridge, launching Pyrrha and Jaune through the air. As Pyrrha flies over the Death Stalker, her javelin floats from its eye back into her hand.

Yang keeps firing Ember Celica at the Nevermore, until it flies toward her with its beak open. She leaps in, holding its beak open, and fires five rounds down its throat. She then jumps out as it crashes into the cliff. Weiss freezes its tail feathers to the ruins, locking it in place. Next, Yang and Blake hold both ends of the ribbon connecting Gambol Shroud between two stone pillars, creating a crude slingshot. Ruby hops onto the ribbon with Crescent Rose, and Weiss uses a large glyph to hold her in place. Weiss muses about how only Ruby could have come up with such an idea.

Ruby then cocks Crescent Rose, and Weiss' glyph releases her, launching her off the ribbon at the Nevermore. Ruby fires multiple shots to accelerate herself even more and hooks the Nevermore's neck with her scythe. Weiss then creates an entire column of glyphs up the cliffside, allowing Ruby to run vertically, speeding herself up by firing even more shots while dragging the Grimm with her. She eventually rends the creature's head from its shoulders at the summit. As everyone else watches in wonder, the Nevermore's headless body falls to the ground.

Back at Beacon, Ozpin forms the teams. The first team consists of Cardin Winchester, Russel Thrush, Dove Bronzewing, and Sky Lark, forming Team CRDL, pronounced "Cardinal", led by Cardin. The next team is Jaune, Nora, Pyrrha, and Ren, forming Team JNPR, pronounced "Juniper", with Jaune serving as its leader. Finally, Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang form Team RWBY, pronounced "Ruby", with Ruby leading the team. Afterwards, Ozpin notes that it seems this will be an interesting year.

Elsewhere, Roman Torchwick finishes talking to someone over a phone and sighs in frustration. He lights a cigar and pays a White Fang member for the delivery of a case of Dust crystals to him. As the camera zooms in on a map of Vale that he has written on, Roman notes that he is going to need more men.


★Episode 09 :
The Badge and The Burden Part1

The morning after their initiation, Weiss Schnee wakes up to Ruby Rose blowing a whistle in her ear and finds the others are already dressed in the academy uniforms. Ruby declares as leader that the team's first order of business is to decorate and, as Blake Belladonna suggests, clean their dorm. Each of them arrange their belongings in the room, doing things such as hanging posters and paintings and storing books. Ruby accidentally slashes a curtain with Crescent Rose that the team then mends shortly after.

Soon, they realize that the beds cannot really fit side-by-side in the room with all their stuff. Ruby then proposes a solution: the beds should be redesigned as bunk beds. All except Weiss are in favor of the proposal, outvoting her in the decision.

Ruby then states their next order of business is class, prompting Weiss to realize that class is already about to start. They then rush out of the room to their first class, with Team JNPR seeing them leave from across the hall and also realizing they need to get to class. Glynda Goodwitch and Ozpin watch the two teams rushing through the campus.

In one of their classes, Team RWBY is in lectured by Peter Port. He gives the students a long-winded lecture about the purpose of the class, how Vale and the other 3 kingdoms provide safe havens from the Grimm, and the purpose of being Huntsmen. He then tells a long, self-absorbed and purposeless story about himself and his experience capturing a live Beowolf as a boy.

During this story, Weiss becomes infuriated as she notices Ruby's inattentive, disrespectful, and rude behavior, which includes doodling a mocking picture of Professor Port, dubbed: "Professor Poop", balancing all her school materials, and picking her nose. As Port asks the class who possesses the traits required of being a Huntsman/Huntress, Weiss raises her hand and proclaims that she does. However, in order to prove this, Peter Port tells her that she must step forward to fight a Grimm that he has locked in a cage, as a test.


★Episode 10 :
The Badge and The Burden Part2

Picking up from where "The Badge and The Burden" left off, Weiss Schnee has changed into her battle outfit and is armed with Myrtenaster as Peter Port releases a Boarbatusk into the classroom.

After silencing Ruby Rose repeatedly, Weiss is momentarily disarmed, the Grimm having locked Myrtenaster in its tusks and launching it across the room. However, not only is she able to retrieve her weapon, but she also uses a glyph to block the beast's attack before launching a counterattack, defeating it by stabbing it in the stomach, a strategy which Ruby suggested earlier.

With the class dismissed, Ruby asks Weiss about why she snapped at her. The latter informs Ruby that from the moment they met, Ruby has been acting like a child, and she believes Ruby is not cut out for a leadership role. The two go their separate ways, Weiss seeking out Professor Port for his counsel while Ruby runs into Ozpin.

Ruby begins to question if Ozpin made a mistake in making her a leader, to which he claims it is too soon to tell. Ozpin confesses that leaders are rarely perfect. He admits to having made "more mistakes than any man, woman, or child on the planet", but he does not believe making Ruby a leader was one of them. He tells her that being leader is a badge that she will wear constantly, and if she does not perform at her best, others will not have much of a reason to follow her.

Meanwhile, Weiss explains to Port her belief that she should be the leader of Team RWBY, to which Port disagrees. Port states that he has worked underneath Ozpin for many years and the headmaster has never given him any reason to question his judgement. According to Port, Weiss has gotten everything she has ever wanted her whole life, and now that something she wanted has been given to someone else, she is throwing a temper tantrum; truly childish behavior. He goes on to claim that if Weiss wants to earn the respect of those around her then she should learn to follow and support instead of trying to lead. Although Weiss insists that it is not entirely true that she has always gotten what she wanted, she considers what Port has told her.

Later that night, Weiss returns Team RWBY's dorm room to find Yang, Blake, and Ruby already asleep, the latter surrounded by a number of textbooks and papers, implying that she fell asleep studying. Though Ruby apologizes for her sloppy behavior, Weiss - taking Peter's advice to heart - goes to get Ruby a fresh cup of coffee and admits that she has always wanted bunk beds as well. Ruby smiles, Weiss leaves to change clothes, and the scene fades to a night shot of Beacon Academy.


★Episode 11 :
Jaunedice Part1

Jaune Arc and Cardin Winchester are seen dueling each other to demonstrate how to effectively use Aura, with Jaune clearly being outmatched. Cardin simply laughs at Jaune's attempts to hurt him, taunting him as they spar.

As he blocks Jaune's sword, he tells Jaune that this is when he loses, but Jaune refuses, which prompts Cardin to knee him in the stomach. Just before Cardin is able to deliver the finishing blow, Glynda Goodwitch calls the match.

She points out that Jaune is low on Aura and tells the class that, in a tournament style duel, this is when the match would end. She then tells Jaune that it has been weeks and he should pay more attention to his Aura levels so he can form a new strategy. She then announces the Vytal Festival, where rival schools can compete in a combat tournament, something Team RWBY is very excited about.

Later, both Team RWBY and Team JNPR sit down for a meal. Nora Valkyrie explains a dream she has been having for a month, but highly exaggerates it, forcing Lie Ren to explain what really happened. Ruby Rose and Pyrrha Nikos then ask if Jaune is feeling okay after Cardin's bullying, but he denies it and asks when he has ever bullied him. The following series of scenes show Cardin pulling various pranks on Jaune, such as opening his shield in a doorway, launching him in a rocket-propelled locker, and knocking his books out of his hands.

Jaune halfheartedly defends him, noting that Cardin is mean to everyone, while Pyrrha tries to get him to ask for help before Nora suggests breaking Cardin's legs. Cardin and the rest of Team CRDL are then seen picking on a rabbit Faunus named Velvet Scarlatina, laughing and pulling on her rabbit ears, apparently to prove that they're real. Pyrrha comments on his rude attitude, and Blake mentions that he's not the only one. Jaune then leaves the table, but Cardin is seen watching him as he leaves.


★Episode 12 :
Jaunedice Part2

The episode opens with history professor Bartholomew Oobleck giving a lecture on the Faunus Rights Revolution, more commonly known as the "Faunus War" fought between Humans and Faunus. When he asks the class if anyone has been discriminated against for being a Faunus, Velvet Scarlatina reluctantly raises her hand after seeing another student raise his hand. Oobleck comments that it is this kind of ignorance that breeds violence, using the White Fang as an example. When he asks the class if they know what advantage the Faunus had during the war, Cardin Winchester takes the opportunity to awake a sleeping Jaune Arc.

Oobleck naturally assumes that Jaune knows the answer when he says "Hey", and is disappointed to learn that he doesn't after Jaune misreads Pyrrha Nikos' visual clues as "binoculars". Cardin laughs at Jaune, causing Oobleck to call on him for the answer. Cardin attributes it to "Animals being easier to train", but Pyrrha correctly states that it's because many Faunus have night vision. Blake Belladonna builds upon Pyrrha's answer, explaining that General Lagune attempted to ambush the Faunus army in the middle of the night, only to be captured after his army was defeated.

That matter settled, Bartholomew instructs both Cardin and Jaune to see him after class, as both have been struggling since day one. Bartholomew admits that he doesn't know if they're too stubborn or are simply not interested in learning history, but regardless they have both worked hard to get into Beacon Academy, and he doesn't want to see that go to waste. As the pair leave the room, Cardin knocks Jaune to the floor. Pyrrha decides to take Jaune to the rooftop to train and tutor him, hoping to improve his fighting and academic abilities.

However, Jaune reveals that he wasn't actually accepted into Beacon; he actually got in using fake transcripts. The reason why Jaune lied to get in is because he wanted more than anything to be a warrior; like his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather before him. When Pyrrha insists that she can help him, he snaps at her, telling her that he needs to do this on his own. He then asks that Pyrrha leave him be, leaving her emotionally hurt by his harsh response.

After Pyrrha leaves, Cardin climbs to the roof and reveals he heard everything; he promises to keep Jaune's secret, on the condition that he does whatever he says.


★Episode 13 :
Forever Fall Part1

The episode opens up to a gloomy Pyrrha Nikos looking out her dorm window. Nora Valkyrie is discussing with her teammates Lie Ren and Pyrrha about why their leader, Jaune Arc, is always getting back so late. She expresses her concern that he needs to get sleep before their field trip to Forever Fall. Pyrrha bitterly says that she's sure their leader "knows exactly what he's doing".

Outside the room, Ruby Rose meets up with Jaune, who is still questioning his role as leader. Ruby says that he may have been a failure before, he may have been a failure when he arrived at Beacon Academy, but he can't afford to be a failure now because he has a team, and their lives are in his hands. As Ruby goes back to bed, Jaune is left with even more doubts. Then, his scroll receives a voice message from Cardin Winchester with added orders on top of the Dust Project that Jaune's supposed to work on for him: he has to go out and get some Rapier Wasps.

The next day Glynda Goodwitch leads a group consisting of teams RWBY, JNPR, and CRDL through Forever Fall on Professor Peach's behalf. Though the students are in awe of the scenery, Glynda instructs them that they are each there to collect a jar of red sap from the trees deep within the forest. Cardin makes Jaune gather 6 jars of sap, one for himself, one for each member of CRDL, and one for a revenge scheme he has planned. Cardin has his sights set on Pyrrha in retaliation for humiliating him in Bartholomew Oobleck's class in "Jaunedice, Pt.2". He intends to have the extra jar thrown at Pyrrha so it will break and cover her in sap. They will then release the wasps, who will be attracted by the sweet sap and go after Pyrrha.

Furthermore, he tells Jaune to carry out the entire revenge scheme on their behalf or else Cardin will tell Glynda that Jaune lied his way into Beacon. Jaune hesitates, before categorically refusing to harm Pyrrha and instead hits Cardin with the sap, leading CRDL to grab hold of him.


★Episode 14 :
Forever Fall Part2

Cardin Winchester has been viciously beating Jaune Arc up, promising him that after he's done, he will send Jaune back to his mother in pieces. Jaune defiantly states that he doesn't care, as he won't let Cardin hurt Team JNPR. Jaune mocks Cardin's attempts to intimidate him by smiling, causing Cardin to grow angrier. As Cardin punches Jaune once more, Jaune unconsciously blocks it with his Aura, instantly healing his bruises as well. The shield that Jaune's Aura provides him with is so strong that Cardin drops him and grasps his hand, crying out in pain. While Jaune stares, stunned at the glow from his Aura, Sky Lark kicks him from behind, knocking him down again.

Jaune's salvation comes from the unlikeliest of sources: an Ursa Major. Attracted by the scent of the sap on Cardin's armor, the Ursa appears from the woods and attacks Cardin. While the rest of Team CRDL flees, Cardin tries to defend himself from the Grimm, but he is easily disarmed. Jaune debates whether he should fight or abandon Cardin.

Informed by the fleeing Russel Thrush of what's happening, Ruby Rose and Pyrrha Nikos send their teammates to get Glynda Goodwitch while they go investigate, accompanied by Weiss Schnee.

Meanwhile, Cardin tries to run from the Grimm but is knocked to the ground. Pyrrha, Ruby, and Weiss soon arrive and find Cardin crawling away from the Ursa. The Grimm attempts to finish Cardin but is blocked by Jaune's shield. Weiss moves to intervene, but Pyrrha instructs the others to hold off and let Jaune fight. Surprisingly, Jaune manages to fend off the Ursa for a short time, blocking its blows with his shield while counterattacking with his sword. However, after being knocked down twice by the Ursa, he checks his scroll and realizes that his Aura is now dangerously low.

Both Jaune and the Ursa charge at each other one last time; however, upon noticing that Jaune has left himself open to the Ursa's claws, Pyrrha intervenes at the last moment, using her Semblance to raise his shield. This allows Jaune to successfully block the Ursa's attack, regaining his stance and beheading the Ursa.

Ruby is baffled at Pyrrha's ability; Pyrrha explains that her Semblance is to manipulate magnetism, similar to how Ruby's Semblance increases her speed and Weiss' allows her to create her glyphs. As Pyrrha prepares to leave, Ruby and Weiss argue that they should tell Glynda and the others what happened; however, Pyrrha asks them to keep it a secret in order to help Jaune to gain confidence in his abilities.

Following the fight, Cardin gains a newfound respect for Jaune. After helping Cardin up, Jaune orders him to never mess with his team, his friends, again. Jaune walks away from Cardin, who looks both intimidated and apologetic.

After returning to Beacon Academy, Jaune apologizes to Pyrrha for his recent behavior. Pyrrha accepts his apology, then tells him that Team JNPR misses their leader. She invites him to come back down and eat pancakes, made by Lie Ren. Before they leave, Jaune asks Pyrrha if she could help train him in becoming a better fighter. In response, Pyrrha pushes Jaune to the floor, stating that his fighting stance is wrong and advising him on how to correct it. She then reaches down, takes his hand, and helps him back to his feet. The two hold hands and then begin to train together as the episode ends.


★Episode 15 :
The Stray

Team RWBY is walking through Vale on Friday during the preparations for the Vytal Festival. On Weiss Schnee's insistence, the team visits the docks. Weiss states that the students from Vacuo are arriving today and claims that she wants to welcome them on the behalf of Beacon Academy, but Blake Belladonna correctly suspects that she merely wants to investigate the competition.

Ruby Rose notices that a nearby Dust store has been vandalized and robbed. According to some detectives from the Vale Police Department, this is the second incident that week. The detectives add that, similar to the previous incident, none of the Lien has been taken, just the Dust. The cops suggest that that the only thing someone would need that much Dust for is an army, and as such, the White Fang could've been the robbers. While talking to her teammates, Weiss agrees with the cops' suspicion of the White Fang, calling them degenerates. This sparks a brief argument between her and Blake, the latter stating that they're simply misguided. Blake eventually claims that the White Fang being the robbers doesn't make sense, regardless. Ruby, agreeing with Blake, suspects Roman Torchwick, due to having seen him attempt a similar robbery, which she successfully foiled.

Weiss then reasserts that Faunus are no good and only know how to lie, cheat, and steal, a statement that greatly angers Blake. Yang points out that she feels that isn't necessarily true. However, the conversation is interrupted by Sun Wukong, who's being chased aboard a docking ship. He jumps onto the docks only to continue being pursued by detectives, and he passes by Blake, whom he winks at. Weiss is led to believe that he is a participant in the tournament and leads her teammates to chase after him.

While following Sun, Weiss literally runs into Penny Polendina and watches as Sun begins to parkour into an alley. After an awkward introduction between Team RWBY and Penny, Ruby calls her "friend" off-hand as she and her teammates walk away. Penny, stunned to have been given the label "friend", asks Ruby to confirm their friendship, becoming ecstatic when Ruby says yes. It is then that Team RWBY learns that she is a participant in the upcoming tournament. Following this, Weiss makes more extreme comments about Sun, which further infuriates Blake and soon devolves into an argument between her and Blake, continuing throughout the day and back into their dorm room that night.

When Blake accuses Weiss of being discriminatory, Weiss claims that she is a victim of the White Fang's actions, surprising Blake into silence. She goes on to explain that the organization has been at war with the Schnee Dust Company for as long as she can remember, and its members have killed numerous people she has known. She also states that they are responsible for numerous cases of robbery, with one particular occasion involving an entire train full of Dust being stolen. Furthermore, their actions have infuriated her father on numerous occasions, resulting in a rather rough childhood for Weiss.

Weiss angrily tells Blake that she despises the White Fang because they're liars, thieves, and murderers. Letting her emotions get the best of her, Blake yells that the White Fang, referring to them as "we", were tired of being pushed around, accidentally revealing her identity as not just a Faunus, but also a former member of White Fang. Upon realizing what she has done, Blake panics and runs from the dorm with inhuman speed, stopping when she arrives at the stone statue at the end of the wide walkway. She then proceeds to remove her bow to reveal a pair of cat ears atop her head. Sun, off-camera, states that he knew she would look better without the bow, implying that he knew she was a Faunus.

She is not seen by the rest of her team throughout the remainder of Friday and Saturday. Meanwhile, Blake is seen sitting at a table with Sun at some sort of café in downtown Vale, where she asks Sun if he wants to know more about her.


★Episode 16 :
Black and White

The episode picks up where "The Stray" left off, with Sun Wukong and Blake Belladonna sitting at a table at a small café. Sun celebrates that Blake has finally decided to actually talk to him after the two days they spent together. After asking Sun if he knows about the White Fang, who he describes as holier-than-thou creeps, Blake admits that she was once one of them, much to his surprise.

She then explains her past with the White Fang and its origins, starting by noting that one could say she was born into it. After the Faunus Rights Revolution, the White Fang was created as a symbol of peace and unity between the Humans and Faunus. However, despite being promised equality, the Faunus were still treated as inferior, so the White Fang became the voice of their people.

Ever since childhood, Blake stood with them at every protest, boycott, and rally, thinking that they were making a difference. However, five years ago, the leader was replaced by someone with violent and radical ideals. The new leader replaced the peaceful protests with organized attacks and hijackings against businesses that refused to serve them or used Faunus labor. Hating what the White Fang had become, she left and decided to use her combat skills to instead become a Huntress. Sun stares, stunned, before asking if she told her friends any of this.

Meanwhile, the rest of Team RWBY have begun searching for Blake. Ruby Rose and Yang Xiao Long defend Blake and want to hear her side of the story, but Weiss Schnee still sees her as a criminal and suggests getting the police to help locate her, an idea which is instantly and firmly rejected. As they talk, Penny Polendina appears behind the group, making a compliment about Weiss' hair. She then asks what they are doing.

They mention looking for Blake and how she has been missing since Friday, leading Penny to vow to help find her. Ruby tries to brush her off, but when she turns to Weiss and Yang for help, she finds that they have left her with Penny.

Meanwhile, Sun and Blake formulate a stakeout plan to see if the White Fang really is behind the Dust robberies, while elsewhere, Yang and Weiss continue looking for Blake. Ruby, still alone with Penny, tries to explain the situation happening with Weiss and Blake, but Penny has problems figuring out if they are friends or not, as she does not have a lot of friends. When Ruby says that Blake didn't talk to them before running away, Penny says that if she did have a friend, she would want them to talk to her about things.

That night, Blake and Sun meet up on a rooftop at the port for their stakeout, watching over a huge shipment of Schnee Dust Company Dust from Atlas. After a bit of banter, with Blake criticizing Sun for stealing food, a Bullhead lands and several White Fang members come out. Blake admits to Sun that she did believe that White Fang was behind the crimes, but did not want to be right. Roman Torchwick then leaves the jet and orders the White Fang members around, referring to them as animals. Knowing that the White Fang would never work with a human, Blake is shocked and confused.

She then proceeds to confront them by sneaking up behind Roman and placing sharp part of the back of Gambol Shroud to his neck while aiming its pistol toward the White Fang members. When she asks them why they are working for him, Roman says it is part of a business venture. Soon, more Bullheads appear, distracting Blake and allowing Roman to escape her grasp by firing a shot from Melodic Cudgel near her feet. He then proceeds to fire more shots at her, and she gymnastically dodges every blast before retreating. As Roman goes after her, Sun comes out to distract him and takes out several White Fang warriors in the process.

Roman attempts to start a fight with Sun, but after Sun blocks the first attack, Blake leaps between them claiming the fight as hers. She repeatedly uses her shadows in quick succession to confuse him, leaping around him while dual wielding Gambol Shroud. However, Roman is still able to keep up with her, barely managing to block all of her attacks and laughing as he lands two hits on her before he finally manages to knock her down with a third hit.

Without missing a beat, Sun jumps in and fights Roman with the nunchucks form of Ruyi Bang and Jingu Bang, but again, Roman is able to block all incoming attacks, laughing once more. However, Blake comes in for a surprise attack, knocking him away from Sun. Roman then shoots down a hanging shipping container, which lands between Sun and Blake as they dive out of the way. He takes this chance to corner Sun, aiming his cane at him.

Before he can shoot, Ruby arrives at the fight, having been alerted by the first explosion, and Roman recognizes her. However, when Penny distracts Ruby, Roman exploits the distraction to attack Ruby and hits her, knocking Ruby to the ground, instantly disarming her in the process.

This angers Penny and she joins the fight, unleashing a multitude of swords from her back. She easily takes out a large squad of White Fang warriors, as well as firing a massive laser at two Bullheads that were providing air support, slicing them in half. She also manages to drag one out of the sky and pull it to the ground, destroying it. Amid this, Roman escapes on a fourth Bullhead, commenting that the "kids just keep getting weirder", before it flies off.

After the fight, Weiss and Yang rejoin the group and Ruby tries to resolve the differences between Weiss and Blake. However, in the twelve hours Weiss has been looking for Blake, she has had time to think and has come to the decision that she doesn't care about Blake's past, saying instead that the next time something big happens, she should talk to her teammates about it, instead of relying on someone else.

Blake agrees and slightly sheds a tear. Weiss then tells Sun that she still doesn't know how she feels about him. Ruby is happy that the team is back together, but then notices that Penny is missing. Penny is seen to be watching the scene from a car, while a man tells her that she shouldn't be running around the city by herself. He then tells her that her "time will come" as he drives away. Meanwhile, Ozpin watches Ruby from a Scroll and gets a message from Qrow, telling him that the "Queen has pawns."

After the credits, Cinder Fall, Emerald Sustrai, and Mercury Black appear in the warehouse where Roman is hiding. Roman blames the failure on the Faunus, but she says he will continue to work with the White Fang, as "we" have big plans for Roman.


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