Fantasy Kaleidoscope ~The Memories of Phantasm~

Fantasy Kaleidoscope ~The Memories of Phantasm~ (幻想万華鏡~The Memories of Phantasm~ Gensou Mangekyou ~The Memories of Phantasm~), or simply Memories of Phantasm is a fan-made animated video series produced by Manpuku Jinja. The first episode, Fantasy Kaleidoscope ~The Spring Snow Incident~ (幻想万華鏡~春雪異変の章~ Gensou Mangekyou ~Shunsetsu Ihen no Shou~), was released at Comiket 80 on August 12, 2011, on DVD. Although the video lacked voice acting, numerous fandubs have been released since then.

During 2012, three promotional videos were released: The first one follows the events from Subterranean Animism; the second one features almost all characters from Embodiment of Scarlet Devil to Mountain of Faith, with Shikieiki as the main character; and the third one follows the events from Imperishable Night.

By the end of April 2013, a full-length second episode was announced, and released on May 26 at Reitaisai 10. The second episode, Fantasy Kaleidoscope ~Memories of Phantasm~ Episode 2 「The Scarlet Mist Incident (Part One)」 (幻想万華鏡 第2話「紅霧異変の章(前編)」), allegedly features 50 characters from EosD to SA in its first scenes, and then follows the events from EoSD with a slightly different plot.

On August 24, the third episode, also known as the second part of The Scarlet Mist Incident, was announced; but it wouldn't be released until December 30, at Comiket 85.

The music in the series is by Yuuhei Satellite. The first opening of Fantasy Kaleidoscope ~The Spring Snow Incident~ is "Though the Scent Lingers, the Flower Scattered," while the ending is "Opposite World", both from Fantasy Kaleidoscope ~The Spring Snow Incident~ Original Soundtrack. The second opening is "Ephemeral, Great and Splendid Land of Grief" from 泡沫、哀のまほろば. 

List :
★Episode 1 :
 Fantasy Kaleidoscope ~The Spring Snow Incident~

PV 1 :
 Fantasy Kaleidoscope ~The Spring Snow Incident~

The opening for this episode shows brief scenes from EosD.

The episode truthfully follows the events from Perfect Cherry Blossom. Spring has come to Gensokyo, but the Hakurei Shrine is still covered in snow. Reimu has become too lazy to solve the incident for some reason, so Marisa decides to solve the incident herself, thus becoming the main character. However, the episode skips most of the battle scenes.

Marisa first faces Letty Whiterock, easily defeating her. Later on, all the characters who originally serve as bosses, such as Chen, Alice Margatroid and Lily White are shown in short cameos. Marisa then finds the black hole entrance to Hakugyokurou, surrounded by the Prismriver Sisters, just passing by them.

Marisa goes up in what it seems an infinite staircase, only to encounter Youmu Konpaku at the end. When Youmu is defeated, Yuyuko Saigyouji shows up, and the final battle begins.


★Episode 2 : 

 Memories of Phantasm ~ Episode 2 「The Scarlet Mist Incident (Part One)」

PV 2 :
Fantasy Kaleidoscope 「The Scarlet Mist Incident (Part One)」 

Just right after the events of SA, the Moriya Shrine holds a party where almost all characters are included. Main characters then read an article on Aya's Newspaper about the Scarlest Mist Incident, which happened during Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. Remilia feels nostalgic and Sanae wants to know how Reimu solved this incident. Marisa and Sakuya then decide to tell the story.

The rest of the episode is focused on the events of EoSD, however, the plot is different in several things, such as Aya telling Marisa to gather information from Scarlet Devil Mansion, or Marisa directly battling against Flandre, and Patchouli afterwards.

According to one of Patchouli's dialogues, Reimu is inside SDM at the same time she's battling against Marisa. After the credits, Manpuku Jinja announces Reimu will battle Sakuya and Meiling in the third episode.


★Episode 3 :
Memories of Phantasm ~ Episode 3 「The Scarlet Mist Incident (Part Two)」

PV 3 :
Memories of Phantasm ~ Episode 3 「The Scarlet Mist Incident (Part Two)」

The party continues at the Moriya Shrine, and as everyone keeps getting drunk, Reimu is convinced to tell her part of the story of the Scarlet Mist Incident.

She quickly arrived to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, easily defeating Rumia and Meiling in the way. When she enters the Mansion, she encounters Sakuya, who demonstrates to be a strong enemy using her abilities of time control, but Reimu still found the way to defeat her.

As Marisa keeps battling Patchouli, Flandre, who is still caged in a water prison, remembers all the times she has been left aside by her older sister. When Patchouli is defeated, Marisa convinces Flandre to confront Remilia along with her.

Flandre gathers enough courage to talk back to her sister, and summons a fire sword (possibly Laevateinn). Remilia turns to her little sister and accepts her challenge.


★Episode 4 :
Memories of Phantasm ~ Episode 4「The Scarlet Mist Incident (Final Part)」

Reimu and Marisa observe as Remilia and Flandre fight each other. However, they are surprised when the two sisters reconciliate and decide to fight together in a two-on-two battle against them.

Back at Moriya Shrine, when Marisa concludes the story of the Scarlet Mist Incident, the party goes out of control when Flandre shows up. Annoyed by the fact Remilia ate her pudding before leaving the SDM, Flandre starts fighting her older sister on the spot, wreaking a havoc in the shrine.

An ordinary ending for an ordinary night in Gensokyo...

After the credits, we see Nitori Kawashiro (who was (literaly) kicked out of the Moriya Shrine by Kanako) observing Nazrin and Shou Tomarou who found and are about to free Byakuren Hijiri. 

Video by "満福神社公式 manpukujinja"

★Episode 5 :
Memories of Phantasm ~ Episode 5  ~The Flower Incident~ (Part One)

This is a short episode that narrates some tales of the everyday lives of Gensokyo residents after the events of Phantasmagoria of Flower View and prior Mountain of Faith; such as: Cirno and her friends being frightened by Yuuka; Medicine visiting Eirin's drug store and Tewi pulling pranks on Reisen; Flandre and Meiling contemplating the flowers that are blooming at the gardens of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, though Flandre accidentally pulls out a mandrake.

The episode ends as Shikieiki arrives to Gensokyo, in an attempt to judge its residents...

★Episode 6 :
Memories of Phantasm ~ Episode 6 ~The Flower Incident~ (Part Two)

Komachi is found slacking off by Shikieki, eating lampreys at Mystia's stand next to Mokou, Keine, and Youmu. Komachi flees at the sight of Shikieki, who then starts talking to Youmu, but their talk turns into a sermon by Shikieiki.

Aya shows up and takes a picture of the scene, only to get talked over by Shikieki too. When Komachi comes back, all three get a sermon all night long.

Sanae is briefly seen atop a mountain, along with the Yakumo family, which might indicate she had just arrived to Gensokyo.

Suika arrives to Hakurei Shrine to warn Reimu and Marisa about Shikieki's coming to the shrine. Marisa and Suika try to escape, but when they are stopped by Reimu, Marisa accidentally punches Shikieki in the face.

At the end of the episode, Suwako and Kanako are revealed to have arrived to Gensokyo too...

★Episode 7 :
Memories of Phantasm ~ Episode 7 ~ The Mysterious Giant Youkai ~

This is a short episode that narrates the events of Touhou Hisoutensoku.

The episode begins with Daiyousei asking for help from Alice Margatroid to find Cirno, who left in search of the giant youkai. After talking to Sanae Kochiya, Marisa and Reimu; Cirno goes to the Underground Geyser Center during the search, only to find Utsuho Reiuji and be confronted by her.

Cirno is saved by Daiyousei from Utsuho's final attack. The fight ends when Suwako Moriya and Alice arrive on the scene, and Utsuho is reprimanded by Suwako. In the end it is revealed that everything was a misunderstanding, and what Cirno actually saw was Alice's Goliath Doll.

Meiling is seen sleeping the whole episode.

 ★Episode 8 :
Memories of Phantasm ~ Episode 8「The Eternal Night Incident (Part One)」

The residents of Gensokyo begin to suspect that something is wrong with the moon, and that, the night does not seem to end. Marisa and Alice go out to find the culprit for this imperishable night.

After defeating Mystia Lorelei and Wriggle Nightbug, Alice and Marisa go to the Human Village, where Keine Kamishirasawa says the culprit is in the Bamboo Forest of the Lost. Arriving there, they are confronted by Reimu and Yukari Yakumo, who were also investigating the incident.

The magicians think that Yukari and Reimu are the culprits, and a battle begins. During his battle against Reimu, Marisa accidentally sets fire to Eientei, and Reimu reveals that the culprit for this incident is there. After this, Reisen Udongein appears to confront them...

★Episode 9 :
Memories of Phantasm ~ Episode 9「The Eternal Night Incident (Part Two)」

Reisen attacks Alice and Yukari, using their illusion techniques. Meanwhile, Tewi distracts Reimu and Marisa in the hallway, telling them the story of Kaguya Houraisan and Eientei. Tewi succeeds and finally traps the two in a outer space like place. Eirin Yagokoro show up and attacks the two, starting a battle.

Yukari brings Yuyuko and Youmu to the battle, and Reisen was sliced by Youmu after her ocular technique does not work on her. The episode ends when Marisa is about to be hit by Eirin's attacks...

The Eternal Night Incident ~from Imperishable Night~ (Part 2)

★Episode 10 :
Memories of Phantasm ~ Episode 10「The Eternal Night Incident (Final Part ①)」

The Eternal Night Incident ~from Imperishable Night~ (Final Part ①) 


★Episode 11 :

The Eternal Night Incident ~from Imperishable Night~ (Final Part ②)
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